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Build a Dam WITHOUT Sand....


The usual way of sudden flood control is to use sandbags which are hard to handle and ineffective. Now, high-tech substitutes, like the SELF INFLATORY BAGS are available.


These are more effective, easier to deploy and much more compact to store and distribute. By taking advantage of their properties of automatic expansion due to the super water absorbent materials, people can fight water with water and control flood with the fastest speed in emergency. On-site testing has proved that the self inflatory bags are 9times faster then traditional sandbags in controlling flood. It saves both time and manpower effectively. they are widely used in areas like flood control, rock fall prevention, construction site, subways, shops, underground facilities, urban sewerage etc. They have been extensively used in advanced countries like USA, UK, Japan etc.



  1. Automatically absorbs water and expands when in contact with water .

  2. Light, just 1/50 of same cubic sandbag's weight, easier to distribute or transfer.

  3. Require small storage space.

  4. Require no sands, no extensive manpower or equipments to move and manage. (it is hard to find any sand during flood.)

  5. Automatically lock water, no leakage.

  6. Biodegradable and environmental friendly.




  1. High-tech material,300-500 times expansion after absorbing enough water.

  2. Each block is around 400g. it inflates upto 18kg-20kg within 3-5 minutes when contacting water.

  3. 150kg resistant force after inflated.



  1. To embank rivers, lakes to prevent flood damage.

  2. To keep the water out of subways, underground facilities like underground parking etc.

  3. To prevent rock fall temporarily.

  4. To quickly absorb water for roads, high ways, bridges, construction areas and grounds.

  5. To quickly absorb water in oil fields, coal mines.

Different size can be provided according to your demands.

  1. Product Model :IS 48

  2. Size : 600(L)mm x 400(W)mm x 80(H) mm (before inflating) 550(L)mm x 350(W)mm x 150(H) mm (after inflating)

  3. Weight : 400g+10% (before inflating) 20g+10% (after inflating)

  4. Inflating Time : 3-5 mins when contacting with water (water condition is about 20OC

  5. Shelf-life : 4years