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Jute the 'Golden Fibre' of India, has various inherent characteristics like, high tensile strength, low extensibility, long durability, fire and heat resistance, silkyness, luster and long staple length. India is the single largest jute producer in the world producing around 35% of the world production. Jute is not only a major textile fibre, but is also a raw material for nontraditional and value-added products helping in environment protection and maintaining ecological balance. Besides, it has an enviable market - both local and international.

Over the years India has been witnessing the use of petroleum buy-products mainly arising out of inadequate supply of jute products. While Polypropylene and High Density Polyethylene woven sacks are slowly eating into the jute sacking market, currently, the demand for jute in India is higher than the supply due to an increase in the consumption pattern and a decrease in the raw jute supply. The govt. of India also offers protection to the jute industry under the Jute Packaging and Materials Act requiring food grains and sugar in the country to be packed in jute bags. This apart, Indian jute products have a tremendous potentiality in the overseas market with USA, UK, South Africa and Belgium being the major buyers accounting for around 25% of India's production.


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